Bavarian Blossom | Spring Summer 15 (Editorial 1)

bavarian blossom

We grew up at the countryside, spending our childhood exploring the woods and fields surrounding us. While we were building tree houses our mums grew their own food in the garden. We still remember that smell of freshly harvested potatoes covered in soil mixed with that distinctive smell of waxed and oiled gardener’s garments. When working on the new spring | summer collection we came back to that place, soaked up with memories.

Waxed cotton summer fabrics
Bavarian summer is not all sun and heat. We have a lot of rain, which is good for the plants and agriculture, but it means you need to be prepared for it. Waxed Cotton is the original performance fabric. So we looked for the most traditional supplier of the most traditional raincoat fabric to asked them what they’d suggestion for a nice summer jacket with a distinctive look. We looked at Great Britain, the country of origin of quality rain gear and found The British Millerain. The waxed cottons they supply of course are wind- and waterproof and have a distinctive character. The pure beeswax finish, the natural alternative to traditional wax, especially intrigued us. It has a less oily feel compared to traditional waxes and it creates unique highs and lows on the fabric when the garment is worn. Our waxed jacket’s character and appearance will change over time – becoming as unique as the wearer. We also came across this beautiful Irish linen fabric, with it’s soft, airy and summery feel. It is woven with two differently coloured yarns, in a way to create two sides of the fabric. To highlight this we constructed reversible jackets from this unique fabric. These fabrics remind us of our earliest memories at home. Today, we love coming back to this place of our childhood, with the herb garden, the potatoes and salad field, and the bee house surrounded by all those blossoming flowers…